The picture at the bottom of this page is my daughter Veronica and if you’ll just give me a moment of your time I’d like to tell you a little about her… Already read the start of this letter? Click here to continue…

Raised On The Farm

I raised Veronica as a single mom, on a farm high in the hills of the Canadian Shield. She gardened from the age of 2. She raised farm animals by my side; took part in all the chores, even preparing chickens for the freezer. (It’s true, there’s a photo of her plucking a chicken in one of the booklets I wrote on raising chickens!)

She was so full of life and health that she even ran in a beauty/talent pageant at 15 years of age for all of Canada and came in with the top 10!

Then she moved away to attend a city college…

The Freshman Thirty Forty!

Two years later she was depressed, unhealthy, and unfit. (I also had moved to a city and gained over 40 pounds.)

We knew we had to do something, but didn’t trust all those fad diets. Together we researched many diets and studied basic nutrition. We looked at the state of our countries’ current food supply and we had a pretty good idea of what went wrong.

From all that information we put together our own diet plan and gave it a shot…

Twenty or Fifty Years Old – The Diet Works

It worked! (Again, true. There’s a photo of Veronica just 10 weeks after starting the diet back in her high school jeans at the bottom of this page.)

As I write this Veronica has lost 35 pounds. I have lost 33 and would like to lose another 15. I think it would be fun to get back into my wedding dress someday.

We had so many friends ask us about how we were eating and what we were doing to lose the weight but still be happy and energetic, that we couldn’t keep up! (Also true, you can friend either one of us on Facebook, catch all the buzz and see how long it takes for us to answer private messages at any time. Please understand though that we are both working full time at jobs, just like you.)

A Nutrition and A Diet Book

We just couldn’t keep up so we put our entire research and theory into a book. We included all the nutritional information we’d found, we explained how we used parts of the best diets of today to create our own diet. We typed out our meal plans and grocery lists and our favorite recipes – heck we even put our measurements in the book! (That was embarrassing!)

Today we are on a mission to help others lose weight too. We’re hoping you can help us get the word out. The diet is easy to follow; we’ve yet to have a person say it was too hard, or boring, or that they were too hungry. We’ve kept the price of the book as low as possible so that more people can get their hands on it. Distribution (download and printing fees) eats up most of our costs. We’re not complaining – we just want more people to know that diets don’t have to be hard, or expensive, or require specialty-made foods with doctor’s or factory names on the label to work!

We have also made a personal commitment to write a slew of articles about our nations’ food supply and how it is making us (as a nation) overweight and unhappy – just like we were. You’ll find it, and us, and links to the book, at We do hope you visit often and learn much!

Can You Help Us?

I asked for your help and if you’re up for it, I’ve listed a few ways you can do so below.

  • Tell your friends Veronica’s story. You can even tell them mine if you think it will help someone (I’m 50 years old, working from home, 10 feet from the refrigerator at all times – and still lost 33 pounds to date.)
  • Share the website link in your social networks – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +
  • Visit our book’s page on Amazon and add it to your wish list (it lets Amazon know that our book is important).
  • Buy a copy of our book for yourself, a friend, your local library, or a loved one. The book isn’t just about dieting, it’s a recipe book too!
  • Join our Facebook group: Low Carb High Fat Diets with recipes. Alternatively, the group that is set to discuss the health ideals of a ketogenic (LCHF) diet is here.
  • More ways to help coming soon!

Just 10 Weeks - Lose the Weight - Before and After Photo - Veronica Childs

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