Complete disclosure: Veronica and I have known this young woman since she was about 8 years old. Her mother is a personal friend although I haven’t seen either of them in over four years. While I knew this teen’s mom owned a copy of our book and had been on and off her Low Carb High Fat diet, I did not know that True had been dieting.

Not until she wrote to me.

Her message started with “The kids on the bus called me fat…”

Already she was breaking my heart!

True’s fantastic weight loss story is inside the newly updated “Low Carb High Fat Diet: Transformation Edition”.

This revision contains most of the same recipes and chapters as our first edition in 2014. We tightened up some of the content. We added before and after photos of ourselves plus men and women aged 14 (go True!) to 66 years of age.

These are all real people weight loss stories – most of which you can now find in my Facebook friend feed should you need verification. Some have protected profiles, like my teenage friend above.

Back to True’s Weight Trouble

  • She had tried versions of brand name dieting programs (I won’t name them, you know them all).
  • She was physically active. (Her entire family is!)
  • She was even attending boot camp. (This girl is a natural in many sports, dance, swimming, water skiing, etc.)

And yet her baby weight stayed with her right into high school.

And that’s when she started getting picked on.

They aren’t picking on her now!

She had been watching her mother losing weight by eating delicious foods loosely outlined in our book. She asked her mom if she could switch to our way of eating too. After strong consideration, her mother took her to their family doctor to discuss putting a 14 year old on a low carb high fat (ketogenic) diet.

They were given the green light and you can see the fantastic results in the photo above.

The Teenage Weight Struggle Has Ended

True has always been a joy to be around. Her weight has never defined her.

She is secure in the love of her immediate and extended family.

She has lifelong friends and is secure in her talents.

And now, she’s happier in her body and absolutely stunning on the outside too. She glows, her smile beaming in all of her photos. In fact – judging by some of her latest Facebook photos – I think she’s lost even more weight since she shared these photos with me.

Hats off to you sweet girl!

Now that you understand how to hack into your fat-burning metabolism, how to steer clear of junk foods, and regulate your blood sugar, you’ve got the world at your feet.

They won’t be bullying you on the bus now!

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