Now that we’ve finally caught up with ourselves, it is time to feature some of our readers’ weight loss success stories!

We have a young man (22 years old) who has lost 100 pounds! He did so by following KetoHybrid (making Ketogenic your own) diet principles. We are so proud of this young man because at the time of dieting he was also working full time and taking evening courses. He cooked his own meals, learned to shop for healthy foods, and he did it all on a budget!

We also have a young woman (25 years old) who has lost over 80 pounds. She began by losing some initial weight but her busy schedule, a house move, working full time and caring for a toddler, stalled her progress for a few months. Once she started eating healthier and following a ketogenic diet that worked for her, she continued on to lose 80 pounds in total. We will be posting her before and after photos shortly.

If you – like many other of our readers – have friended us on Facebook or are following our Facebook community page, you already know the two I’m speaking of.

Another set of before and after photos we’ve gathered to share with you is a 45 year old woman from Florida. She is a mother, entertainer, busy in her community and a grand mother to two very active young children. Her weight loss story, photos and particulars are sitting in my email right now – just waiting for me to share with you!

Each one of these success stories will be added to the revised version of The Low Carb High Fat diet book.

This diet works for men and women, young and old. I have many theories on why it works so well and how easy it is to stay on track once you get the hang of it. We do have a 60 year old man who has lost 63 pounds. A 55 year old man who has lost 40 pounds. Plus many more. I haven’t even put out a roll call to our community yet to hear their success stories!

If you’re wondering why we are so behind in updating you, please accept my apologies! Since the launch of the book Veronica returned to her studies and is now a certified Nutritional Therapist. She has been working one-on-one with clients across the USA and Canada. In the meantime she was also helping me to create recipes for our latest series of health-minded recipe books. Yes. In the last 9 months we have produced three new recipe books for you: “Low Carb Breads, Crackers, & More”, “Low Carb In The Back Yard”, and just recently “Slow & Low: Low Carb Soups, Stews, & Meals for Your Slow Cooker”. (All are available on Amazon as Kindle books and the Low Carb Breads book is also available as a paperback.)

So why is this diet so successful for both sexes, any age, and household budgets? It is because the food lists aren’t terribly restrictive, nor do they come with a designer label! It is our opinion that far too many diets these days request that the dieter buy a particular brand of powder or potion to elicit weight loss. We find the whole mess of the weight loss industry a ridiculous hamster wheel that doesn’t help anyone over the long term.

Our mission is to help you get the weight off and keep it off! We walk our talk. I am proud to announce that I am now officially down 70 pounds. (Last year at this time I entered into a friendly and moderated contest with a group of young women. I won the bet just by following my standard Ketogenic diet while I watched the other contenders cutting back on calories, skipping meals, and working out at the gym like crazy. More relevant however, is that since the end of that contest I have lost a further 20 pounds – again, without trying, without exercising at a gym for hours every day, and without starving myself silly.)

Now that we’re back on track with our work, we’ll be posting regularly on this website and on Veronica’s website ( We have so much to share with you and have learned so much in the last year! If you’re anxious to catch up with us with personal questions of your own, add us on Facebook or join in on one of our upcoming livestream sessions (

Talk to you soon!
Laura Childs

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