Veronica was 20 years old when she started, 21 years old today. Current weight loss is 53 pounds on a low carb high fat diet.

I recently posted my “Year of Keto” (50 years of age, 60 pound weight loss) notes and results. Shortly after, we shared Veronica Childs’ before and after photo on one of our Facebook fan pages.

Veronica Childs Keto Weight Loss

Today I share that photo here and answer some of the questions you had. As usual, this article will take me days to complete. Your comments and questions shape the content so feel free to drop a note below! This is how we serve you, by supplying you with our perspective, answering your questions or concerns, and researching for you when you don’t have the time or inclination.

A Diet With Long Term Results

One thing we love about our diet is the long term results. This morning I listened to a lecture where this stat was presented: “98% of those who diet will gain it back within a year, with interest.” If that stat is true, I’m horrified. Nearly every person who diets – working really hard to limit intake, fight with their cravings, count and track every morsel of food or drink that enters their mouth – will not only gain the weight back, but will gain more as a result.

If this has happened to you, please allow me to relieve you of guilt or shame. This hasn’t happened because there is something wrong with you, your dedication, your willpower, or your lack of commitment. The fault is in the diet plans that you are bombarded with! Diets that aren’t delicious or sustainable. Diets that rely on expensive supplements, prepared meals, or chemical-laden fabrication or unknown ingredients. If you have any fault in this scenario it is that you have trusted the industry and the promoters. Trust is an honorable trait, but it gets many of us into trouble when we trust the wrong people or corrupt corporations.

This is a case of misguided trust only. Would you like to know who or what you can, and in my opinion should, trust?

Trust nutrition.

Trust real food.

Trust those who teach weight loss through real food that you can buy in a grocery store, Farmer’s Market, or local butcher shop.

That’s sustainable – no matter your income, or where you live, or who sits around your dinner table.

If you truly want lasting weight loss and don’t want to gain it all back in a year’s time with interest, you’ll need to start walking away from the experts who tell you that your solution is:

  • in a bottle, or
  • the freezer section with their branding on the label, or
  • can be shipped free of charge, or
  • any other corporate gimmick.

If you have money to spend on your weight loss goal, spend it instead on:

  • books and courses that teach nutrition*, or weight loss through natural foods, or
  • private consultations with a nutritionist, nutritional therapist, weight loss specialist, or registered dietician.

Back to long term results and Veronica’s weight loss…

Today is April 7, 2015. Veronica and I started working up to a low carb high fat (our version of Keto) diet mid-January 2014. In the beginning we called it a diet but today it is nothing more than our way of eating.

Veronica’s initial and exciting weight loss happened in the first ten (10) weeks. She squeezed back into her high school jeans – jeans that she hadn’t been able to wear since she went off to college. She had gained the “Freshman 40” and after college, gained even more. Today she can only wear those jeans for the first few hours after coming out of the dryer, otherwise they’re baggy everywhere and slipping off her hips.

To date she has lost (at least) 53 pounds. We’ll have to check with her to figure out how many inches she’s lost as it has been a while since we took measurements. Trust me, all the weighing and measuring documentation gets a little ‘old’ after the first few months. It is written down in a notebook somewhere though. To put it in dress or pant size perspective; in December 2013 she wore a size 13 pant at work. In March 2014, she has been wearing a size 4 pant. Keep in mind that pant sizes are all over the place these days – even she was surprised that a size 4 pant fit! More often than not she’s running her daily errands and working in a size 7 jean, 26″ I believe (Laura: check that with Veronica).

Some Questions I’ve Been Asked About Veronica’s Weight Loss

It’s been over a year, has she gained the weight back? No.

Has she gained the weight back with extra? No.

Does her weight fluctuate? Sure, everyone’s weight fluctuates. Veronica’s weight will go up and down 3-5 pounds sometimes over the course of a week, every month. She doesn’t change the way she eats to manage that though – it is just part of life and part of her genetic makeup. Yours may vary. Mine, at 51 years of age now with a much different body structure, moves 2-4 pounds per week, naturally.

Is Veronica still dieting? She wouldn’t call it a diet. More of a lifestyle. More a “way of eating”.

  • She still watches carb intake, yes.
  • Avoids most empty carbs, yes.
  • Still snacks on the same fatty foods we incorporated into our diet from the beginning, yes.
  • She still eats slowly – allowing ample time for her stomach to tell her brain that she’s satiated, yes.

All the same principles of our original diet, but now it is more of a habit than ‘rules’.

What does Veronica eat? Practically whatever she wants or craves now. Turkey, bacon, chicken, fish, beef. Commercially-raised beef has been causing gastric upset for her of late, but she enjoys bison or grass-fed beef. A lot of cheese, cream, creamy sauces, mayonnaise, butter. I’ve seen her slice butter like others would slice a block of cheese and pop it on a keto cracker with a huge smile! Eggs. Avocado. Berries. Coffee. Organic teas. Salads, a variety of steamed organic vegetables, asparagus, garlic. She also eats tofu on occasion. Organic apples. No sugar added and (usually) preservative-free sliced or cured meats.

What foods from her old diet did she stop eating? Milk. Sodas. Breads and wraps. Rice. Noodles. Sugar. Potatoes. Big globby spoonfuls of commercial peanut butter at random times for no reason. Commercial yogurt. Ice cream.

What are her cheat foods? Occasional big globby spoonfuls of commercial peanut butter at random times for no reason . Ice cream. Occasional sugar in a drive-through coffee order. Other foods that she thought she loved before dieting now leave her feeling less than comfortable (sometimes nauseated) if she eats them. Her body no longer recognizes wheat as ‘food’ and cooked potatoes are only palatable if they are smothered in cheese.

How long did it take Veronica to start seeing results? Within the first week weight loss showed up on the scale. Two weeks and clothes were getting noticeably loose and baggy. I believe we started recording measurements around 4 weeks into the diet – I don’t think we have starting measurements.

How long between these photos? This particular before and after photo is from September 2013 (Veronica started dieting mid-January 2014) to February 2015. However, most of Veronica’s excess weight (putting her into normal range) happened within the first 10 weeks (mid-January 2014 to end of March 2014). We’ll have to get specifics from her as she has all that info written down in a notebook.

Questions To Be Answered Next

I’m passing the microphone to Veronica for the remainder of the questions.

Answers that she’ll be posting on her own website – see her Questions & Answers About Weight Loss here.

Did she ever hit the dreaded plateau? If so what did she do to continue her weight loss?

Did she include exercise, is so what and how much per week?

What is her favorite food on this WOE?

Did inches come off quicker than pounds?

What was her daily diet like? Will she share a sample menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Do you have a question for Veronica? Let us know in the comments below and she’ll reply in her follow up post!


* I need to elegantly disclose that our book The Low Carb High Fat Diet does not teach much nutrition but it does cover the basics of food values and how our bodies convert macro-nutrients into energy. Base level nutrition that also shows how some additives or ‘dirty foods’ stall weight loss efforts.

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