In the beginning of our adventure – losing weight, writing books, and supporting others on their weight loss journey – we had plans to write more about new and upcoming research on this way of eating.

For a long time, there wasn’t much to report.

But then more people started using a Ketogenic or Low Carb High Fat diet to lose weight,
boost athletic performance, heal metabolic syndrome, control Type 2 Diabetes and so much more.

By 2015, more people were writing about metabolic pathways, cell health, and all the other facets of KETO that intrigued me. There was just one problem, the women in my network didn’t want to learn all that stuff! They just wanted to lose weight and feel good in their skin again.

So I continued reading the research, listening to doctors and medical specialists come forward saying that a low carb diet was the best diet for anyone carrying extra weight due to metabolic dysfunction (when extra weight is not due to gross over-eating and lethargy). And again, as I passed the information onto others, they’d change the topic to ask my opinion on more personal issues such as self-sabotage, and falling off the wagon, dealing with sugar addiction, and getting started.

That’s what you’ll find in our newsletter and if you’re interested, we (my daughter Veronica and I) would be honored to have you join us! Motivation, inspiration, general health, a little science, and a lot of content on mindset because the way I see it, you don’t need to know about the glycolic pathway or how the body starts accessing fat cells for energy, or yet another recipe. You need to get started and you need to stick with it until you’ve reached your goal.

Here Are Our Newsletter “Rules”

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To remain in legal compliance for email communication we do require that you “opt in” before we can send you any mail.

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Please note that while we can share our keto weight loss diet with you and discuss correcting possible imbalances past diets may have caused, we can’t give you specific medical advice for any illness. However, we are comfortable enough with our own research and knowledge that we often refer readers to the most well-respected experts in their field – saving you time and quite possibly, your health!

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    Our Personal Updates Since Launching The First Book

    • Veronica became certified in Nutritional Therapy.
    • We wrote three more recipe books.
    • We both trained and became certified as Clinical Weight Loss practitioners.
    • I became a certified holistic coach in Sport & Exercise Nutrition.
    • Veronica started coaching others and creating customized meal plans for her clients.
    • I dug into food safety, the state of our food supply, manufacturing processes, and government corruption within the food industry.
    • We started live streaming (live video for everyone to watch and participate in) on and Periscope.
    • I was invited to write for (which I’ve had little time to attend to).
    • I started studying business and marketing so I could reach more people about the healing properties of this way of eating. At the same time I was working one on one with clients on their diet and nutritional needs.
    • I spent hours per day on our Facebook pages answering people’s questions about ketogenic diets. I also spent hours per day deleting spam on those pages. Eventually, we started secret Facebook group and closed it up once it hit 1300 members. (We think large groups lack impact and a compassionate, supportive community.)

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