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Would you like to stay updated on new recipes, books, research and websites that deal specifically with the Ketogenic diet but don’t:

  • have hours on a daily basis to surf website after website looking for relevant information?
  • wading through Pinterest posts (which, even though they may be tagged as “low carb high fat” or “ketogenic”, often are not either of these)?
  • reading books, and the reviews of books, to ensure you get the best recipe or health-related book for your needs?
  • know if you can trust the research or the source of information on some websites making bold health claims about the ketogenic diet and cancer, ketogenic diet and PCOS, ketogenic diet for epilepsy, etc.?

We have the right solution for you and it is absolutely, 100% free!

Since January 2014, (when we started on our own Keto diet), we have been nose deep in books, up to our ears in podcasts, reading endless scientific research reports, and watching hours of documentaries on functional medicine. We absolutely love this diet and the multitude of health benefits this way of eating provides! In fact, Veronica is so taken with the concept of ‘food as medicine’ that she committed to, and graduated with certification in Nutritional Therapy.

This is your free solution to learning more about this way of eating, discovering delicious new recipes, and finding research being performed with the Ketogenic diet.

Here’s our plan:

  • Starting on or about May October, 2015 March 21, 2016*.
  • Approximately two newsletters per month.
  • Each issue may contain a recipe(s), information on low carb food products or appliances, health industry news as it relates to your diet, and/or book reviews with/without a short synopsis.

* Multiple apologies are required here! We have had good intentions, good intentions, good intentions, but we’ve been so darn busy that the newsletter just kept getting pushed to the back burner.

In our defence, this is what we’ve been up to since we launched the first book:

  • Veronica became certified in Nutritional Therapy.
  • We wrote three more recipe books.
  • We both went back for training and certification to become Clinical Weight Loss specialists.
  • Veronica started coaching and creating customized meal plans for her clients.
  • Veronica also picked up a job full time – away from the publishing business.
  • I have been digging into food safety, the state of our food supply, manufacturing processes, and even deeper into the government corruption as it pertains to our foods.
  • We started live streaming (live video for everyone to watch and participate in) on and Periscope. First we stopped because we had a death in the family and it took us a while to get back into the swing of things. When we started up again we realized that the people who wanted to know more about KETO or LCHF (low carb high fat) just weren’t hanging out on live stream channels at 9PM EST.
  • I started guest writing for (which sadly, I’ve also had little time to attend to – mainly because I didn’t have the draw to pull in the page views).
  • I have also been learning from business and life coaches on how to run a business that has impact as well as work with people one on one with their diet, weight loss, and nutritional needs.
  • I still spend many hours a day in our Facebook pages – business and personal – answering people’s questions and helping them get their minds around ketogenic diets. Lately though, I’ve been spending a lot of time deleting spam from our pages – protecting our people as best I can. To combat the spam problem we’ll be starting a secret Facebook group shortly. Message me on Facebook if you want me to add you.

At any rate, apologies that newsletters didn’t go out. I would rather wait until I could send you some well-written and interesting content then fill up your inbox with fluff or offers. “The best I can or not at all.”

Where Can I Get A Free Subscription?

If you can stand waiting on us until mid-March, sign up below. Veronica’s full time job is coming to a close and we’ll be together again, working on getting more content out to you.

There is no charge for your subscription at any time. It will come directly to your email and you can unsubscribe at any time with just one click.

We detest SPAM. We don’t tell you about products that we’re not using ourselves. We protect your email address. Speaking to this point, I was on a respected health guru’s email list. He promoted a free (you just had to pay shipping) and fluffy (little known diet secrets or something to that effect) book. I bought the PDF version of the book because shipping the “free” book to Canada would cost $12.95. The book was fluff but every day that ‘author’ sends me spam. He’s also subscribed me to his wife’s list; she also sends me spam. Promotion after promotion. I’m staying on the list because I’m eager to see if he can keep up sending affiliate offers every day for the remainder of the year. Some people just amaze me; selling their souls and their name for a buck.

THAT (above). That’s what you won’t get from us. We’ll choose to send nothing at all before we choose to waste your time, your bandwidth, and make scammy offers and promises like that. People need to be careful who they promote and who they align themselves to.

Our Rules

To remain in legal compliance for email communication we do require that you “opt in” before we can send you any mail.

1. Sign up below.
2. Receive an opt-in email.
3. Click the link in the email.

This is a security measure to ensure that no one signs you up to a list you don’t want. An extra step for a pound of precaution!

Please enter your name and email in the form above. Two emails will follow shortly. The first will ask you to click a link to confirm your email address*. The second and subsequent emails will contain the newsletters or free books you requested.

Please note that while we can share our keto weight loss diet with you and discuss correcting possible imbalances past diets may have caused, we can’t give you specific medical advice for any illness. However, we are comfortable enough with our own research and knowledge that we often refer readers to the most well-respected experts in their field – saving you time and quite possibly, your health!

* This two-step confirmation process is the only legal way we can send you email. We hope to send you more free recipes, news about our books, upcoming contests and other great health information over the coming months. Should you choose to, you can unsubscribe at any time with just one click. Your email address will never be shared or abused by our system. We will always remain in 100% compliance of the CAN-SPAM ACT.

Should you have any trouble receiving your newsletter please check your SPAM box or leave a comment below. We do our utmost best to ensure delivery, but we cannot control how your email provider responds. You can always, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and now BLAB. (BLAB is a fun new platform that you can access from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. You can join us live and in person to ask any question you like, watch our shows, or connect through chat during the live stream. Find us right here: KETO BLAB.)

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