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After months of work, planning, determination and succeeding with a ketogenic diet, Veronica Childs and Laura Childs have launched their book “The Complete Low Carb, High Fat, No Hunger, Diet” to the world.

The KetoHybrid Diet outlined in the book was developed by Veronica and Laura (daughter and mother, respectively) by merging the best of three diets together – hence the hybrid name. Low Carb (such as the Atkins Diet), all natural (such as a Paleo-type Diet), and the fat burning principles of a Ketogenic Diet. To date the authors have lost 66 pounds and remain on the diet today. Veronica has lost 35 pounds (most of it within the first 10 weeks) and Laura has lost 31 pounds (she took longer as she is a self-proclaimed cheater).

About The Launch

Initial launch began May 31st, 2014 for Kindle readers.

The book was initially introduced to friends via Facebook and fans of Facebook’s small group Low Carb High Fat Diets (a group Veronica started when she first started experimenting with ketogenic diet and low carb recipes).

Within 2 days the book hit the Amazon Best Seller’s list in Canada (we are Canadians, after all) in multiple categories. Specialty Cooking, Diets, and Weight Loss to name a few. Friends and friends-of-friends contacted the authors personally with success stories and questions. A month later, official reviews on Amazon started coming in.

Based on feedback we (might be) editing the book’s content – it is important that the book have real value and offer actionable steps for readers to enjoy the same success we have.

Plans are to release the (possibly edited) book as a paperback within the next 7-10 days.

How To Buy The Book

To read the book visit the links below. Although it is only currently available as a Kindle book, Amazon provides free apps so that you can read a Kindle book from your home computers, tablets or iPads, and even on your phone. We have already had two reports back that the Kindle version of our book was a “perfect 10” on the iPhone (the format we were most concerned about).

Low Carb High Fat – USA
Low Carb High Fat – Canada
Low Carb High Fat – UK
Low Carb High Fat – AU

Media Inquiries

We invite contact and requests from news, magazine, television, and speaking engagements. Please understand however that we are just two normal women (not seasoned speakers or presenters) who had success with a diet and wanted to share it with the world. We will be preparing a press kit shortly to help you determine if we would be a great fit for your news stories or needs.

Thank you for your interest in our ketogenic diet book and the KetoHybrid Diet!

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