As part of an ongoing support to readers KetoHybrid and Low Carb High Fat Diets offer a free, 20 recipe, ebook. The book is currently being redesigned and refreshed. It remains free with a simple submission of your photo holding the book or your reading device with the Low Carb High Fat book loaded.

If you aren’t interested in free Keto recipes, perhaps you’d like a sample Keto meal plan? This free ebook covers a two week span and while we don’t suggest that any one follow the exact protocol of another person, it may help you to see typical foods on a Keto diet. The same conditions apply, simply send us a photo of your smiling face. We love connecting with and seeing our new friends!

Get your free Keto / Low Carb High Fat recipes or meal plans here.

A few other free ebooks on Keto that we’ve created are the Christmas morning low carb donut recipe (complete with two variations of low carb chocolate icing). We don’t believe in white table sugar, or brown sugar for that matter, but you will find stevia, honey, and/or maple syrup in these donuts. This is one of the few times we made a concession with those insulin spiking ingredients (maple syrup or honey) as it was Christmas morning! These are so good – the perfect blend of complementary ingredients – you’ll wonder how even the stevia-based donut can taste that good and still be low carb!

For our Low Carb Breads and Crackers book (soon to be renamed “Low Carb Breads, High Fat Spreads”) we have created an extra special free Keto recipes book. Two more variations on our (now, near famous) English muffin recipe plus a low carb, all natural jam that is thick enough to please the most discerning of tastes. The English muffin recipes can be microwaved, baked, or cooked up quickly on the stove top. You’ll love them.

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